REACH is a support group for Columbia area homeschoolers
  • We offer field trips, parties, moms night out, field days, park days, student council for teens, listings of local classes and discounts, and other helpful information for new and experienced homeschoolers. 
  • Join REACH to have access to our discussion board and be a part of our community.  
  • REACH membership is open to all homeschoolers regardless of religious affiliation, ethnic background or homeschooling philosophy. 
  • REACH is a support group and does not make you legal. If you are looking for a third option accountability program check out RTT.
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REACH The TOP (RTT) is a Third Option accountability group for new and returning REACH members. 
We are now accepting Applications for the 2013-14 school year. However, the RTT applications are hidden in our members only section of the website.
Visit FAQ’s or contact with questions about joining RTT.
Check out the slideshows (on the left) from the past few years. We've got tons of pictures from individual REACH members at home and in the community. There are also lots of photos from our popular group wide events.
REACH Teens and Parents

REACH has lots of information and activities especially for High School students and parents. We offer information about HS planning, academic resumes, transcripts and more. REACH Student Council is divided in to 2 groups now. High School Student Council is for kids in grades 9-12. Jr. High Student Council is for grades 6-8. They meet monthly and also for service projects, game nights, book club and more. 
What others are saying about REACH:

Working outside the home, homeschooling, and husband and children with big health issues sometimes makes it hard to get out much. I am so glad that REACH is available and that it doesn't require a statement of faith or jumping through hoops to be included. I don't even have home internet and still found a way to belong to the group and attend a couple of things. If I can be in REACH, it really is easy and open to everyone, even extreme homeschooling situations. I really cannot express how grateful I am for the support and the open nature of the group. It makes my life easier. I am thankful to those who make this group a wonderful option for homeschooling. Laura R, Columbia, SC
REACH students showing their individual talents and interests. 2011/2012
 REACH Group Events 2011/2012
2010/2011 REACH group events
Visit our Store Page to buy t-shirts and tote bags to support 3rd Option Homeschooling Rights.
REACH Handbook

to download our 2013-14 Handbook and learn more about REACH including our policies and procedures.
Home Educator’s Resource Sale 2014
At Christian Life Assembly, 2700 Bush River Road
Saturday, June 14th 
10 am - 2 pm

This year in REACH

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Fall and Spring Field Days
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